The purpose of our existence is to help healthcare organisations accelerate innovation and improve the quality of care for global citizens using the best of the best strategic consulting frameworks.

Scrip Research cultivates expert groups and provides consulting services to  digital healthcare, AI and Big Data companies, focused on building products, services at the intersection of healthcare and digital technologies.

We consult companies on design, develop, launch and renew new digital healthcare solutions to meet the needs of their customers.



Sridhar Srigiriraju is an expert in healthcare analytics and market research with nearly 30 years of experience, working across multiple research and analytics firms. He bridges the gap between technology and  business.  He is passionate about uncovering unseen/unrealized opportunities within companies, taking assets and igniting people, process and technology to enable growth. The last 15 years has been spent in building either businesses in the analytics space or growing market research and KPO firms.

His expertise lies in designing, developing and marketing of  Research, Analytics & Competitive Intelligence services. He is able to envisage and envision products, platforms and services in a cross-domain environment., with a deep technology layer.

He enjoys tracking the going on in the industry and sharing his thoughts on the latest trends that will change the healthcare landscape.


Healthcare Analytics Services specific to digital healthcare:

  • Wearables.
  • Connected Care.
  • Automation & AI.
  • Predictive Analytics.


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We track the performance of entrepreneurs, startups, mid-size businesses and any company in the healthcare space., working in specific areas of digital healthcare, IoT, Big Data and AI.

Why do we do this? To help investors and potential entrepreneurs to take informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t work in the digital healthcare space.

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